Save the bees!🐝 Abeja Reyna

Save the bees!🐝

As lovers of bees and nature, we love knowing that more and more people are joining this movement that some have identified as save the bees (save the bees), since in recent years they have begun to be threatened by different factors, such as the use of pesticides, industrialized agricultural practices and the impact of climate change.

We all depend on the survival of bees. Foods such as fruits and vegetables depend directly on pollinators. A world without them would mean a world without food diversity, without blueberries, coffee, chocolate, cucumbers, or many other foods.

As a company and producers of honey, we are aware that bees are much more important than is generally thought, which is why we have a certificate of Good Beekeeping Manufacturing Practices .
We respect the work of bees, we love them and take care of them.

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