Para todas aquellas mujeres con sueños Abeja Reyna

For all those women with dreams

Today more than ever, we want to remind you that you are important .

You are free to do what you like, to say what you think and feel, to fight for what you want.
You are all your dreams and achievements, you are light, love and strength.
Love yourself, value yourself, respect yourself.
As well as Abeja Reyna , a company founded by a woman who believed in herself, began with a dream, the desire of a woman to have her company, provide job opportunities and growth, I invite you to believe in yourself.
Go for that dream that you crave so much!, run and make it come true.

“It is okay to dream, it is okay to set goals and work on them. You have to seek support, seek information and prepare yourself. So follow your dream."

Hilda Elba, the Queen Bee.

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